If you’re reading this, you’re probably like us and hate waiting in queues, especially for your daily coffee. That’s where Beat the Q can help. Beat the Q is a new way to pre-order and pay for your café order online, saving you valuable time.

Simply place an order from your smartphone or desk at your local café – and swing past and pick it up. No queues required No cash. No q

  • Your daily commute
  • Group orders from your desk
  • Running late
  • No cash in your pocket

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"I'm secretly loving the look on the faces of all the people that see me park my bike, walk in to the cafe and pick up my coffee without saying anything but "thank you" to the barrista. I just gently tap the "Beat the Q" the sign and smile as I walk out past their quizzical expressions ; )"
Simon BTQ’er
"I have to say, Beat the Q is the greatest invention ever for coffee lovers! It's just such a breeze not having to carry change all the time and to waltz on in and within 2 seconds waltz on out again with delicious hot coffee in hand! Just ♥ it!"
Chantelle K
"What a great app! I order my coffee when I leave the house an pick it up just before I get on the ferry. You've officially streamlined my morning! Great."
Jodie S
"Just 'beat the Q' for the 50th time and was rewarded with a free coffee on my account! Thanks guys. Looks like good things come to those who don't wait..."
Nick L