How does it work?

After registering an account, all you need do is find your favourite Beat the Q café and order from the available items on the menu. You will be prompted to add a payment source when you process your first order. The café will be notified of your order and start preparing it for you. You will receive confirmation on your phone that the café has received your order.

You can use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your order. You can add multiple payment sources in ‘Payment Settings’ and choose between them on the check out screen. It’s perfect for switching between your personal and business accounts, and you can even email yourself a tax receipt directly from the app once your order is accepted.

Your most frequently ordered items and visited venues will automatically appear in your favourites, keeping them easily accessible for regular use.

What can I use to order?

Beat the Q is designed to work on either your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is especially optimised for touch smartphones including Android, iPhone and Windows devices.

How much does it cost?

Beat the Q costs you absolutely nothing and is provided free of charge by your favourite café. There are no hidden fees or charges. We display the exact cost to you when you place the order.

How do I pay / top-up my account?

After logging in, you can top-up your Beat the Q account with a credit card or PayPal. You can also choose to have your designated payment source charged per order, meaning you never need to have credit on your account. Simply visit “Payment Settings” from the main menu after you log in to select your preferred payment method and source.

When should I order?

It really depends on your café and how busy they are. If you normally have to wait for 10 minutes for your order, then order about 10 minutes in advance.

Remember, it is important to make sure you are there when your order is ready. Beat the Q allows you to skip the ordering and payment queue. Ensure that you make yourself known to the café when you arrive in case your name and order has already been called.

I am not sure about something… who do I ask for help?

Just drop us an email at support@beattheq.com. If you prefer to talk to someone, our number is 1800 220 153. Our support team can also be reached from directly within the app under the ‘Support & Feedback’ tab.